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"Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group" has officially sign contract

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Before January 1st in 2015, Phoenix Healthcare Group & Peking University Health science center in-service education training center has successfully sign the training agreement of " Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of  Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group".

The training course emphasizes on diverse fields including international perspective of medical industry, medical quality and safety, comprehensive medical management, among of which, also involves series of professional courses such as  Hospital strategy management, Medical quality safety and medical defects management, and also internationalization management.Besides, the initial session students are almost from diverse company's staffs involving medical treatment, nursing, medical skill, pharmacy, functional management, back office and administrators. Through application, issuing professional article, and expert evaluation, the staff has been successfully selected as qualified trainee. 

Qualified students plans to take a year to accomplish the required learning content, and also proceed constantly exploration on hospital management through rotation and practice in order to enhance professional competency Meanwhile, qualified students lead the team to constantly build energetic and healthy academic atmosphere, professional and standard management, as well as developing concept.