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2014 The Second Session "Phoenix Cup" staff and relatives calligraphy & Photography contest successfully held

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Aims to constantly enrich Phoenix Healthcare Group's in-network hospital staff's cultural life in spare time, provides excellent platform to calligraphy hobbyist, strengthen exchanges among membership hospitals, exhibit new development among membership hospitals, as well as display healthy environment of staff’s enthusiasm on life and working, Phoenix Healthcare Group organizes the second session "phoenix cup" staff and relatives calligraphy & photography contest. 

Under supports and cooperation among the group's leaders and all in-network hospitals, there are totally 273 outstanding calligraphy and photography works collected . among of which, there are 158 works belong to photography works, 115 works belongs to calligraphy works. Compared with participation works in 2013, both the quantity and quality have been enhanced, completely exhibit all membership hospitals' supports on calligraphy and photography works. 

The contest applies multiple evaluation on all of works and selected the outstanding ones. There are  three phases of evaluation, internet vote and judging panel, among of which, judging panel is divided into calligraphy group and photography group, containing 6 people, organized by a judge recommended by in-network hospitals and employed experts. After evaluation, there are 75 items prizes designed for the contest. 

The contest is designed with clear theme, various calligraphy works exhibits the phoenix culture concept of "caring, innovation, perseverance, sharing" in different views, and exhibits the phoenix values of "working hard for vocational duty, hard working for happy life"; all of the photography works exhibit interior and external changes of all hospitals, as well as responsibility and care love on patients. Fairly connotative interior photography works display the medical staff's comprehension, taken as he highlight of the contest.