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China Resources Phoenix and Pfizer cooperation signing —— work together for development, megamerger makes innovation

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On November 2, 2016, China Resources Phoenix Heathcare Holdings Co., Limited, the largest healthcare service group("China Resources Phoenix"), together with Pfizer investment limited, the largest R&D based bio-pharmaceutical company in China ("Pfizer"), held a simple and solemn "product supply and academic strategic cooperation signing ceremony" in Beijing. Under the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will cooperate in the three levels of designated product mix, medical academic development and diversified business cooperation, aiming to jointly improve the quality of medical service, deep innovation medical service group and international biopharmaceuticals of China Resources Phoenix Hospital Business cooperation between enterprises.

During the signing ceremony, Vice President Wu Feng of Pfizer China and Vice President Huang Hai of Pfizer China expressed their congratulations and expectations on this strategic cooperation, and said that this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to take advantage of the advantages of both resources in public hospital reform. In the reform of public hospitals, advantage discipline development, collectivized purchasing ascension, such as a wide area, frontier cooperation at home and abroad for reference, the mode and idea, more in-depth exploration, to make important contributions to the development of China's health care industry.

Subsequently, Vice Chairman Cheng Libing of China Resources Phoenix also said that China Resources Phoenix has been insisting on the efforts to provide patients with good quality, reasonable price, safe and accessible quality of medical services for the purpose of becoming the leading domestic medical services Group for development goals of China Resources Phoenix. China Resources Phoenix hopes to explore a comprehensive model of cooperation between large healthcare groups and well-known biopharmaceutical companies through a strategic partnership with Pfizer, hoping that Pfizer will become a Chinese strategy for developing healthy Chinese, developing health industry, fulfilling social responsibility and developing the goal of the forward witness, beneficiaries and helpers.