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China Resources Phoenix and Medical Department of Peking University Help Development of Ophthalmology and Optometry –Signing Ceremony on "Ophthalmology and Optometry Development Fund of China Resources Phoenix Medical" was held successfully

Release time:2016-12-01 Source:九州凤凰 Font: big medium small

November 29, 2016, signing Ceremony on "Ophthalmology and Optometry Development Fund of China Resources Phoenix Medical" was held in Peking University Medical Center Conference Center. China resources phoenix donated three million yuan RMB to Peking University medical department through the Beijing phoenix health foundation and the education foundation of Peking University. to support the preparation and teacher training of the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry, and to reward Excellent medical students and graduate students of the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry, to support the research work of juvenile myopia prevention center construction of Ophthalmology and Optometry School, to support the ophthalmology and optometry school to carry out international academic exchange activities.

Medicine Director Zhan Qimin of Peking University School, deputy director Professor Duan Liping, deputy director Ren Xiaoyuan, vice president Wang Jian Liu of Peking University People's Hospital, Preparatory Leader of Optometry College of Peking University Health Science Center / ophthalmology Director Zhao Mingwei of People's Hospital, Vice Chairman Cheng Libing of China Resources Phoenix, Chief Executive Officer Zhang Xiaodan, Executive General Manager Wu Potao, Deputy General Manager Xu Zechang, Deputy General Manager Luo Jie, Beijing Phoenix Health Public Welfare Foundation Secretary Shen Shilian and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Academician Zhan Qimin expressed heartfelt thanks and high respect for the social responsibility of China resources phoenix and the phoenix health foundation of Beijing, and the support and attention paid to the medical development of Peking University for a long time. Academician Zhan Qimin introduced the important responsibilities of the northern medicine in the development of medical talents, the promotion of medical development and the service of social and innovation. It is believed that the development of medicine today is ushered in the historical opportunity period of the unprecedented development in modern medical history. Health services have shifted from intensive care to holistic health care services, hoping to promote the development of relevant health fields through the preparation of optometry medical school. At the same time, Academician Zhan Qimin appreciated the strategic deployment of China resources phoenix in the exploration of medical development, look forward to more extensive cooperation between the two sides in the future, It is also hoped that the advantages of the northern medicine will pay off for the support of China resources phoenix, and jointly promote the development of national medicine and contribute to the cause of healthy China.

Professor Zhao Mingwei introduced the preparatory course of ophthalmology and optometry school of Peking University Medical College, and thanked the Peking University Medical Department and China Resources Phoenix for support and understanding of the preparatory work of the College of ophthalmology and optometry, and said that they would do their utmost to develop the support fund for ophthalmology and optometry and to make ophthalmology and optometry professional reputation at home and abroad. At the same time, Professor Zhao Mingwei that there is a large space for ophthalmology and optometry professional and China Resources Phoenix in business docking, In the future, the two sides can cooperate more broadly and deeply.

President Zhang Xiaodan introduced the development process and development direction of China Resources Phoenix Medical, and the purpose of the Beijing Phoenix Health Public Welfare Foundation, "helping doctors, teaching assistants and assisting research", and expressed sincere respect for pursuing the personnel training, discipline construction, teaching staff and scientific research of Peking University Medical Department Teaching and other aspects of the professional status and outstanding influence, and hoped that the cooperation as the two sides in March this year after the cooperation of general medicine cooperation in another substantive cooperation, look forward to the future and Peking University Medical Department continued to carry out more extensive, More comprehensive, more in-depth exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the sustainable development of China's medical and health services.

Peking University Medical Director academician Zhan Qimin and China Resources Phoenix vice chairman Cheng Libing signed a contract, later, wearing the school badge for the China Resources Phoenix leaders by the outstanding student representatives, signing ceremony ended up with a cordial and friendly atmosphere.