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Carrying out convenience and charity clinics service activity of “learn from Lei Feng and send healt

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For the inheritance of Lei Feng spirit, promote and develop the volunteer service concept of “dedication to others, enhance ourselves”,  in the morning of March, turns warm again, Under the direction of Zhou Deng, Deputy General Manager of the hospital group, Youth League committee of Huaikuang Hospital Group banded with Social Medical Services Department and Emergency Center selected some experts and young volunteers of more than 20 people from the Department of Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency department, digestive medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, hematology, endocrinology, pediatrics and other common diseases departments to carry out convenience and charity clinics service activity of “learn from Lei Feng and see actions” entered to rural by bringing medical equipment and using the time weekend break.

Heard the experts of Huaikuang Hospital Group came to charity clinic, in a moment, stage of charity clinic was crowded by people. Volunteers wore a red vest and a "volunteer service" -little red riding hood. With enthusiasm, the patients can be tested for blood pressure, listening to heart sounds and measuring blood glucose, answering various questions patiently by volunteers, each patient was given a reasonable diet, reasonable medication, and other matters that should be noted. so many experts of Huaikuang Hospital Group came to the door for our treatment and free tests, thank you so much," said an old man just finished measuring blood sugar happy.

On the day of activities, more than 300 people were consulted and treated, of which measured blood pressure, blood glucose was 200, and distributed more than 400 publicity materials. It was Popular with the general public. (Yang Jiayun)