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Escorting for Wuhan Marathon of Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources in 2017

Release time:2017-07-27 Source: Font: big medium small

Hu Bei Daily News (Reporter Luomi) “quickly, Take glucose to replenish energy for runners, the oxygen pillow is in place over there, and the head nurse works with the muscles to relax”! Medical department charger of Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources commanded medical workers to do the Post-match medical care for the runners who arrived at the finish line until marathon was over.

As the designated medical aid agency of “Wuhan Marathon", it was the second year to escort for the “Wuhan Marathon" by Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources, setting up a special medical ambulance station in the end of the Wuhan Marathon, A medical monitoring post is set up every 300 meters from the finish line, there were a total of eight sentinels. Medical department charger of Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources introduces, the hospital will send out nearly 40 key medical staff from the Department of Cardiology, Emergency Department, Orthopedics and other departments to form a special medical treatment team, and has carried out Pre-competition professional training and exercises in order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the competition. The medical treatment team is equipped with a complete set of emergency medical equipment including defibrillator, monitor and respirator and related drugs.

Professional rescue shows a true love; get praise from all of competitors

After the competition starts three hours later, the number of runners reaching the end of the marathon began to increase, there are many phenomena such as physical exhaustion, sprain, contusion, etc, and Paramedics from the medical team were given emergency treatment for the runners who arrived at the finish line, spraying drugs, muscle relaxation, stretching and so on.

Li Wenjie, the first female runner who crossed the whole marathon, she came from Shandong Physical Education Institute. She was 23 years old. She was the second time to participate in the marathon. Last year, the first half of marathon made her more confident to participate in marathon this year, this time is 2 hours 39 minutes 40 seconds, won the forth international women, the Chinese women's first outstanding results. When the reporter asked “what is the difference between this year healths insurance compared with health insurance last year”, Li Wenjie Say happily: “too thoughtful, especially warm!”

Reporters found a participant from Japan was doing oxygen uptake and was doing post-match recovery care from medical staff in the treatment place. It is known that the Japanese runners, "Takao Komatsu was math teacher of Wuhan University, this year, he has been 52 years old, it’s the second time to participate in the Wuhan Marathon. He was very excited and weak to tell reporters that he was very fond of Wuhan and the marathon, he was more grateful for these health care workers to do post-match recovery care with enthusiasm for him.

The post-match recovery care is very important, healthy body can continue “Wuhan Marathon"

After the competition, the reporter interviewed zhang wei, director of rehabilitation department of Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources, How can the runners of Wuhan Marathon recover the fastest after the competition? Zhang Wei told reporters, "First of all, the runners need to 'cold treatment' after the competition because, after the intense exercise, the body's heat consumption is very large, the body secrete a lot of acidic substances. Therefore, it should be timely reduce body temperature to avoid the accumulation of acidic substances; secondly, for some of the damaged parts of the body, such as toes and some other vulnerable parts of the body should be timely disinfecting for wound to avoid wound infection; Finally, if the runners appear some gastrointestinal and heart and lung adverse reactions, it should be timely medical treatment.”

Experts remind: 48 hours after competition, it should be see a doctor if the pain cannot be relieved 

According to statistics, in the current Wuhan Marathon event, China Resources Wuhan Iron and Steel General Hospital, a total of 326runners was helped by Wugang Hospital Group of China Resources, Most of them suffered from sports injuries such as sprain, muscle strain and leg pumping.

Zhang Wei reminded the majority of runners, "when these sports injuries, most people will have the inconvenience of walking, the pain symptoms of the stairs up and down, some runners cannot relieve the pain for 3 days, and then it should see a doctor in time, and do some physical treatment. Symptoms of more serious runners must carry on the corresponding diagnostic tests, Some people who don't get enough exercise, they can feel more joint swelling, pain, cannot fall to the ground, These symptoms may appear to be damaged in joint effusion or meniscus,  it should more requires to see a doctor immediately. Generally speaking, people with better physical condition, their muscle soreness will be alleviated within 24 hours, if the body soreness, and 48 hours cannot be alleviated, then it should go to the hospital for further examination "