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Phoenix Healthcare held a general meeting of shareholders, the formal introduction of China Resource

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On October 31, 2016, Phoenix Healthcare held a special general meeting of shareholders, taking a vote for the acquisition of China Resources Medical wholly-owned subsidiary of Ample Mighty Co.Ltd. equity trading agreement, the independent shareholders who took part in the voting voted 100 per cent in favour of the passage.

At this point, All the conditions under the equity purchase agreement with China Resources Healthcare have been agreed upon and the approval of the stock exchange of Hong Kong, on October 31, to carry out the relevant equity trading procedures, phoenix medical to CRC with 460 million new shares, the formal introduction of CRC health as the first big shareholder, China resources health to 35.7% shares in listed companies. Phoenix Medical will be officially renamed as "China Resources Phoenix Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd" ("China Resources Phoenix"). The total number of hospital institutions with investment and management of China resources phoenix has more than 100, with the open bed number exceeding 11,900, making it the largest healthcare group in China and Asia.

The next 15 years is an important period of strategic opportunities of health of China construction, China resources phoenix will be deeply involved in the supply side of the National Health Service industry structural reforms, efficient use of resources platform health industry bigger and stronger China resources. China Resources Phoenix will effectively integrate China Resources and Phoenix's healthcare brand, resources, experience, and team in order to improve the existing hospital network operating efficiency and service levels, providing diversified and multi-level medical services to the public. Meanwhile, China Resources Phoenix will promptly complete and expand its national key areas layout, , at the same time expand the scale of health industry, build quality and efficient regional integrated collaborative medical system so as to shape the Chinese social capital investment operation hospital model as well as to gradually build up a world-class healthcare group.