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Passed JCI respectively, continue to write a new chapter in the management of Phoenix Healthcare - Jian Gong Hospital and Yanhua Hospital of Phoenix Healthcare Group passed JCI certification respectively

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Phoenix Healthcare Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Phoenix"), since it was founded in 1988, has been committed to an enterprise vision of taking the leadership in the China high quality comprehensive healthcare service industry, and promoting the industrialization of China's medical health development. The Group takes the creation of high-quality integrated medical services, protecting of health, contribution to the community as corporate mission. In the development history of past 28 years, in order to achieve corporate vision and complete the corporate mission, Phoenix has been persistent, continuous hard work!

Jian Gong Hospital of Beijing City and Yanhua Hospital of Beijing City of Phoenix introduce JCI and its certification system in 2010, and in 2010, 2013, both successfully passed the certification and review. By the end of 2013, only 38 hospitals in China passed the JCI certification, the Phoenix as a group of healthcare investment management agencies, while two hospitals passed the JCI certification, in a leading position at home.

In September 2016, two hospitals were sending good news that they passed the JCI certification and review respectively. After three years, continuous improvement in JCI standards, with the review process being rigorous year by year, the two hospitals passed the certification again and wrote the phoenix JCI legend. At this point, Phoenix Healthcare Group has domestically become the first medical institutions which passed JCI certification and review.

Deepening the reform of healthcare system in the country under the great situation, public hospitals and social capital are facing to dual challenges of management and quality, Phoenix has been the pursuit of hospital management towards standardization, standardization and scientization, and continuously improving the quality of healthcare service. Its two hospitals of Phoenix passed the JCI certification and review, it is not only two aspects recognition of Phoenix hospital management level and the quality of the hospital, but also the pride of the Phoenix, At the same time, it also shows that the phoenix has taken a solid step towards realizing the enterprise's vision and completing the mission of the enterprise.

Through the opportunity that Jian Gong Hospital of Beijing City and Yanhua Hospital passed the JCI certification and review, phoenix will make persistent efforts, perseverance, and make full use of JCI management system resources, standardize the management, As a quantitative target and regulatory basis for the daily work of the hospital, the JCI index gradually becomes the normal work benchmark of in-network hospitals and is widely implemented. This helps to establish a new hospital quality management system on the basis of international standards, which reflects national conditions and the regional characteristics, , as well as perseverance to build the hospital quality and safety culture, which helps to strengthen the concept of patient centered service, promote the continuous improvement of hospital medical quality and patient safety, comprehensively improve the comprehensive service connotation and service level of the hospital, and create a world-class hospital group.

Trust comes from quality, quality makes Phoenix!