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Indulge in sea of ink, paint life; build image of dream, seize the time - the fourth "Phoenix Cup" painting and calligraphy and photography contest documentary

Release time:2016-09-07 Source: Font: big medium small

Over the past two months, the fourth "phoenix cup" painting and calligraphy and photography contest of staff and family sponsored by phoenix medical group has been concluded successfully!

This contest has received positive responses from hospital painting and photography lovers, a total of nine hospitals actively participated in the manuscript, a lot of people hand over a number of works! Many of the works is professional! Let the friends sigh that there are so many "talent" in our big family!

Calligraphy is divided into hard pen, soft pen two categories, painting is a collection of watercolor painting, Chinese painting, sketch, oil painting, children's painting, prints, photography is divided into work, life two categories. The content of the work fully demonstrates good spirit of happy work and happy life of the employees of the Group.

According to online statistics, 423 works have been collected this year, with a total turnout of 553107, page view is 1716,000, a 31% increase compared with last year, which means that the contest has been significantly improved attention! In the end, through the democratic vote of the mass and careful selection of hospital judges representatives and invited experts;a total of 9 first prize works, 26 second prize winners and 69 third prize works stood out. The whole event attracted nearly 350 people in the amount of participation, it is a good demonstration of phoenix's corporate culture, and it also gives you a better understanding and focus on the development of phoenix.

Let's take a look at some of the works of this contest:

From the soliciting of early works to the online democratic rating and offline judges scoring, everyone has shown a positive enthusiasm, degree of participation is extremely high.

This contest enriches amateur the cultural life of Group employees and sets up the staff love and respect their jobs, love the spirit and quality of the enterprise, fully demonstrates the happy work, happy life spirit. Inherit the history culture, record the beautiful moment, share the colorful healthy life. Not only will the units of the group meet again, exchange and learn from each other; but also unite us, develop together and progress together.

Let us look forward to next year's painting and calligraphy and photography contest! Believe we will see better works!