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Spectrum of youth, show Phoenix style - Phoenix Healthcare Group held the award recognition activities of "outstanding Wusi youth award"

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On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Festival, Phoenix Medical Group first "outstanding Wusi youth award" was held successfully on May 4, and finally selected ten "outstanding Wusi youth" and ten "excellent Wusi youth".

The activities were initiated by the Group and undertook by Youth Working Committee of Group (referred to as "Youth Committee"), the Group got the strong support from the leaders of the group at all levels. The selection activities are for all members at all levels of the group,  aiming to recognize outstanding young talents who have made outstanding contributions in their posts and inspire all young employees to make positive contributions to the further development of the Phoenix Group.

In order to fully carry forward the role of youth model, in line with the incentive, fair and strict principles, The activity has been nominated by the junior committee of the youth committee, led by the unit leading the comprehensive review, the group meeting and other gateways, finally awarded the "outstanding Wusi youth" and "excellent Wusi youth". At the scene of the event, the leaders of the Group personally presented awards for the award-winning youth delegates, and earnestly encouraged the young people who won recognition to cherish the honor. When they were honored, they would show themselves in their respective jobs and realize their values. Promote the core idea of "love, innovation, persistence and sharing". At the same time, the Group also awarded the Committee of the Youth Committee "outstanding organization award".

The selection activities caused a warm response among in-network hospitals, won the young people's wide recognition and active participation and inspired enthusiasm of young people for the work. As a result, a group of talented young people representing the phoenix culture rose to the fore. The winner has both a young business backbone from the clinical front and a grass-roots manager from the logistics support post. They have demonstrated the spirit of modern Phoenix youth through outstanding business level, innovative work drive and excellent quality.

 "Resourceful youths lead to a resourceful nation; strong youths lead to a strong country."Youth is the source of innovation, is the new force of reform. Phoenix Healthcare Group adhering to the "Wusi Spirit" regards young people as the leader who takes on the phoenix culture and promotes the further development of the group. Phoenix Healthcare Group has always attached importance to explore and cultivate young talent; excellent young talent is to achieve Group's long-term strategic development goals important cornerstone. The group not only requires young people to have excellent business ability and professional conduct, but also strives to cultivate young people's innovative thinking and reform spirit, and strives to improve the overall quality of young people, and comprehensively builds the backbone of the future medical management.

As China's largest social capital healthcare enterprises, the development of Phoenix Healthcare Group has always been adhered to public welfare as the basis, adhere to standardization and professionalism as the core, and actively explore a variety of types of reform model, forming a vibrant corporate culture "love, innovation, Share". In the face of the historic opportunities for the continuous development of national health care reform and the continuous development of heathcare service management, the Group makes efforts to find and cultivate the complex young talents who are excellent in business ability, have the courage to pursue change, with innovative spirit and modern management philosophy. Making contribution to the development of the national medical service is the mission of Phoenix Healthcare Group and the pursuit of all Phoenix people.

This recognition activity is part of the Phoenix Healthcare Group to promote the work of young people. The group's youth committee will take this as an opportunity to promote the development of young talents in the group in order to lift the learning advanced in the youth, strive for the advanced, and spread the youth positive energy to stimulate the growth of young comrades and enthusiasm for the work as well as build a new chapter in writing youth.