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Inheriting culture, agglomeration force - theme activities on Youth Committee of Phoenix Healthcare Group "Wusi, Phoenix takeoff"

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On April 23, 2016, immersed in the morning light of the Yanhua Hospital is welcomed by the nearly 100 young members and activists of Phoenix Healthcare Group. Everyone say hello to each other, introducing each other and new members. The early morning of yanhua hospital is awakened by the sound of young people's greeting and laughter, and the young family is full of warmth and love.

In order to let everyone continue to experience the pace of development of Phoenix Healthcare Group Hospital, while harvesting knowledge, agglomeration force, more profound feeling the "Wusi Spirit", Phoenix HealthcareGroup Youth Committee to "commemorate Wusi, Phoenix takeoff" as the theme of a series of activities. The theme activity greeted the rising sunrise, kicked off in the creative sign-on tree.

The theme activity begins with visiting the JCI hospital. Manager Chen Qianjing of Hospital introduces the hospital situation the Phoenix to young people personally. perfect medical hardware and software set of Yanhua hospital, rigorous and realistic medical management system, meticulous and thoughtful patients safe disposal, so that Phoenix young people have a preliminary understanding of JCI and deeply appreciate the group hospital "lean" efforts. At the same time, they have gained excellent experience and have been known about your work deficiencies, further stimulate the future work for the quality of care and unremitting pursuit of patient care.

After the tour, the theme activity began to "talent development" as the topic of sharing exchange forum. The squad of Yanhua Hospital and association team of Shunyi Hospital On the basis of careful preparation, extensive research and practice, the "healthcare management talent development mechanism" and "the talent management experience in the community center of the hierarchical cooperative diagnosis and treatment system" were reported and shared respectively. Share exchange activities rich in content, the form is novel, in an atmosphere of tension lively, youth members and activists speak freely, study the medical talent management and development at home and abroad advanced experience, strengthened for career development and grow up together with the phoenix medical group's confidence.

After sharing the exchange and brainstorming is over, entertaining, "fun games" of strong physique show the Phoenix young people another wonderful. Whether it is to focus on the team with the coordination of the "six feet of five people", "concentric drum", or a comprehensive challenge to the mind and body "feather letter", Members have gained not only the team spirit of unity, but also pride and cohesion as members of the phoenix family in the fierce activities.

Near the evening, theme activities of "commemorating Wusi, Phoenix takeoff" came to an end in the laughter. On the occasion of farewell, The next time we meet again, we will continue to explore and innovate so that made Phoenix culture "love, innovation, persistence, share" carry forward in the Phoenix young people.

Phoenix Healthcare Group has always attached importance to young talent, Insist on the development of the young people, fully recognize the young people's learning and creativity, encourage young people to fight for and create opportunities for growth, continuous learning and improve themselves, mutual support and common progress. Phoenix Healthcare Group Youth Committee is committed to the group  for the youth elites to provide a platform for mutual exchanges and learning to help young people have the courage to explore, dare to innovation, emancipate the mind, reforming, growing in work and life.