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Innovation accelerates the development, characteristics enhances the brand – "Phoenix Academic Annual Meeting •2016" was held successfully

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Phoenix Healthcare Group "Phoenix Academic Annual Meeting •2016" was held successfully on February 27, 2016 in Beijing. The meeting shows the Phoenix Healthcare Group in 2015 in the academic field of new achievements through the experience sharing, reporting, expert comments and on-site questions and other forms, which effectively play a leading role in the advantages of the members of the hospital and build a valuable academic exchange platform for the group within the Disciplines of outstanding talent.

The meeting received a total of 70 outstanding papers, it covers medical, medicine and medical skills and other fields, and the meeting selected 16 representative high-level papers to communicate at the meeting. After the fierce competition, combined with the pre-peer peer review and on-site expert review results, Jian Gong Hospital Meng Dongxiang of Beijing City, Jing Mei Group General Hospital Chang Li Bin and Wang Qiuhong of Beijing City won the first prize, the rest of the speakers won the second or third prize respectively.

The theme of this meeting is Innovation accelerates the development, characteristics enhances the brand, sponsored by Dean Working Committee of the Phoenix Healthcare Group, jointly sponsored by Group clinical work committee and the group of 10 member hospitals.  More than 300 people attended the event. The success of the meeting fully demonstrated the concept of Phoenix love, innovation, and insistence and sharing, creating a strong academic atmosphere, which for has an important role in promoting the level of discipline construction and brand building of the Phoenix Healthcare Group.