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The new development, celebrate the future together——Group "Fund Phoenix Innovation and Development Award of Chairman" award ceremony of 2016 was held successfully

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Phoenix Healthcare Group "Fund Phoenix Innovation and Development Award of Chairman", award ceremony of 2016 was held successfully on January 29, 2016 in Beijing. "Fund Phoenix Innovation and Development Award of Chairman" funded by the Group chairman, designing to encourage innovation within the group thinking and rewarding groups and individuals of hospitals who have achieved excellent results in clinical construction and hospital management innovation and development.

Since the establishment of the Phoenix Innovation and Development Award, a total of 174 hospital project applications were received. Through rigorous selection and intense competition, 56 projects of eight hospitals stood out, among which "innovation award of department and clinic" was 11, "Hospital Management Award" was 18, "Individual (Team) Creativity Award - New Technology and New Business" was 11, "Individual (Team) Creativity Award – paper" was7, "Individual (Team) Creativity Award – awards" was 9.

The theme of the award ceremony is "the innovation and development, celebrate the future together", sponsored by Dean Working Committee of the Phoenix Healthcare Group, jointly sponsored by Jian Gong Hospital of Beijing City, Yanhua Hospital of Beijing City, Mentougou District Hospital of Beijing City, Jing Mei Group General Hospital of Beijing City, Mentougou District Chinese Medicine Hospital of Beijing City, Mentougou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Beijing City, Shunyi District Airport Hospital of Beijing City, Shunyi District Second Hospital of Beijing City, the First Central Hospital of Baoding City and the Third Central Hospital of Baoding City. More than 320 people attended the award ceremony. The awards ceremony will be combined with the wonderful program of the hospital, the theme is outstanding, the atmosphere is warm, and the participants exchanged the results andlook forward to the future, setting off a passionate chapter of innovation and development of the Phoenix chapter.