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Concerned about the health of public welfare to highlight the responsibility of the Phoenix - public welfare Foundation of Beijing Phoenix was established

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On January 4, 2016 public welfare Foundation of Beijing Phoenix (Phoenix Foundation) was formally established. The Phoenix Foundation is a corporate unit of the Public Welfare Foundation in the medical and health field registered in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Phoenix Foundation's mission is to explore the mechanism of innovation, support clinical research, help medical education, enhance social welfare, and promote the health of residents. The Phoenix Foundation has a strict organizational structure and institutional system in accordance with the articles of association.

Public welfare activities of Phoenix Foundation are mainly to help the disadvantaged groups to seek medical treatment; to support clinical research work; to support medical and health education; to encourage the promotion of clinical medical innovation, to improve the level of medical services and to support various activities related to improve the level of health care.

Phoenix Foundation has an expert database of medical and health fields, there are many public welfare projects can be developed. It provides a number of legitimate, standardized, safe and efficient excellent public project platforms for medical organizations and medical workers.

In the first half of this year, Phoenix Foundation, Red Cross of Baoding City and three central hospitals of Baoding City jointly launched Ai You Xi Ji project to help poor malignant tumor patient treatment plan of Baoding City. At the same time, the Phoenix Foundation will also make donations to the Peking University General Practitioner Education and Tsinghua University Education Foundation so as to support the establishment of high-end health industry and policy research institutions, general medicine research and training institutions, and help students with difficulties to complete their studies, at the same time foster young people who are interested in medical development. The Phoenix Foundation is expected to fund health care workers who have become sick in their posts this year, with other units to support the development of clinical research projects, to fund the development of community health care in parts of Beijing. Phoenix Foundation will be more efforts to practice social responsibility and make greater contributions to medical development and health public welfare of China.