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Opening Ceremony of "Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group" is successfully held

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On March 21st, in 2015, opening ceremony of Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group is successfully held in the classroom 702, Shaw Teaching building in Peking University Health science center. By the time, clusters of leaders are attending the opening ceremony including Domestic cooperation and secretary of the gene-ral Party branch Lv Tingyu, In-service education training center deputy managing director Liu Hong, Chairman of Phoenix Healthcare Group Liang Hongze, and Deputy president Cheng Libing. 

The first session opening ceremony is fairly simple but highly magnificent. All of attending leaders, class teacher and seventy students stand up with playing National Anthem, and proceed ceremony of wearing school badge. Then, Domestic cooperation department and General Party Branch secretary of Peking Health Science Center Lv Tingyu, Deputy president of Phoenix Healthcare Group Cheng Libing give a speech to the students, meanwhile, Deputy president of Beijing Coal Group General Hospital Qin Ding on behalf of students to make a speech.

As the critical measure for echelon talents construction and reserve talents cultivation, "Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class" has won great supports among group's leaders. As the forerunner of China public hospital reforms, Phoenix Healthcare Group has accumulated abundant experiences in public hospital reforming and hospital group management, from the beginning, it always pay high attention to hospital operating idea and hospital management talents cultivation. To adapt to current developing trends in healthcare industry, insists on hospital public benefit, constantly enhance hospital operating efficiency and quality, Phoenix Healthcare Group has put forward higher requirements on hospital management. Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of  Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group "Professional Hospital Director EMBA Advanced Study Class of  Peking University Health Science Center --Phoenix Healthcare Group" builds an excellent platform for quality management concept, enhancing management ability and enhancing manager operating level, which helps to comprehensively improve hospital leading ability, personal quality and community responsibility appraise.

After opening ceremony, The professor of Chinese Academy of Governance Dong Ming begins to give first lesson of < Hospital leadership science and art >. Centered on diverse perspectives such as outstanding leader's values, comprehensive quality, leadership enhancement and leader's employing views, the course proceeds professional analysis on leaderships, so as to enable students to master properly exercise of power, comprehend management skills of talent development , and also coordinate art of human relationship. The seventy students of the first session advanced class are almost from diverse departments and subsidiaries including department of medical , nursing, medical skill,  medicament, functional management, and back office. 

All of students fairly treasure such precious leaning opportunity, and are quite enthusiasm on the study, most of students have reached classroom 1 hour in advance, during first two days, all of them are carefully listening on the class, make records and actively interact. After two days' study, the students organize a sharing group, by means of experts lecture, and students' giving speech, they have shared the meaningful comprehension and typical affairs during working.