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Develop group advantage, Build Physician's dreams ----"2014 Phoenix Academic Annual Meeting" held in Beijing

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2014 Academic Annual Meeting of Phoenix Heathcare Group is successfully held in The Westin Beijing Financial Street Hotel, sponsored by clinic working committee of Phoenix Healthcare Group ( called as working committee for short ), and also jointly undertook by six group hospitals including Beijing Jiangong Hospital, Beijing Yanhua hospital, Beijing Jingmei General Hospital Group, Beijing Mentougou district hospital, Beijing Mentougou district Chinese medical hospital  and Beijing Mentougou Maternal and Child Care Service Centre. Furthermore, there are over 350 staff attending the meeting from Phoenix Healthcare Group's leaders, clinical working committee, medical skill, function department and clinical skill talents. 

Besides, there are totally 80 excellent articles collected for this meeting, covering various fields including medical, medicine, medical tech, nursing, hospital management, group management. Centered on "Develop group advantage, Build physician's dreams", there are totally 21 outstanding articles of 4 sessions reported and exchanging. The group's general manager Cheng Libing makes a theme speech for the opening ceremony including clinical academy--- Phoenix's existing foundation , reforms and innovation---Phoenix Healthcare Group's growth, exchanges and shares---jointly building on scientific academic platform, build dreams --build health service industry, also make interpretation on group's scientific construction, medical reforms and innovation, future situation and development, as well as encourages all staff to ambitiously imaging, exploring, and practice, put the dreams into reality, and make the group grow to be more brilliant. 

The meeting proceeds exhibition by means of report, expert judgement , Q&A,. After off-court peer review and field expert evaluation, medical department director of Jian Gong Hospital Zhen Chenfu, CT physician Bai Wei, and RICU department of Jingmei Group Yu Chuanxiao won the first prize; 7 physicians have won second prize such as Oncology department of Yanhua Hospital Fan Yufei ; 11 physicians have won third prize including Endocrinology of Jingmei Group Wang Fei .

Last, the group's deputy general manager , and director of clinical working committee Dr. Xu Zechang make a summary for the meeting. He briefly look back achievement of clinical working in last session annual meeting, and forecast on the measurement and plan for further promoting, supports for clinical training , scientific research and academic development, as well thinks broadly about the initial layout for next session annual meeting. He expressed that the group makes efforts to implement the meeting's theme that " Develop group advantage, build physician’s dreams". Meanwhile, he also expressed appreciation to the colleagues organizing the meeting. At same time, he deeply impressed by the annual meeting that " All of the groups are filled with talents ".

It is quite ordered, arranged reasonably, fairly magnificent and enthusiastic, completely exhibit the group's culture and values" Happy working, Happy life", and "Working hard for vocational duty, Hard Working for happy life ".