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Deepen medical system reforms, Build medical service mode

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In the afternoon of December 19th, 2014, the opening ceremony of "Peking University People hospital --Mentougou district medical unit medical service community" was officially held in the meeting room on the ninth floor in Mentougou district hospital. Clusters of leaders attended the opening ceremony including deputy director of Beijing sanitary planning committee Mao Yu,  the chief of Mentougou district  Han Zirong, Deputy director of district committee and  Generation ward chief Zhang Guilin, the director of district sanitary planning committee Ye Jingcheng, dean of Peking People Hospital Wang Bin, the meeting is hosted by district council committee, director of organization , director of united front Ding Yong. Firstly, the leaders and honored guests visited remote consultation center of medical sanitary service community Mentougou district hospital, inspected dozen of medical institutes' remote case history discussion between Peking university and other 17 Mentougou district hospitals. Then, on the opening ceremony, director of Mentougou sanitary planning committee Ye Jingcheng, Dean of Peking people hospital Wang Bin jointly signed agreement of " Peking University People hospital -- Mengouou district hospital medical sanitary service community", it completely displays that medical units have officially join in people hospital medical sanitary community, and starts a new medical service mode . 

On the meeting, dean of district hospital Zhou Hang and dean of Jingmei General Hospital Group Shan Baojie made a speech. The dean Zhou Hang pointed out that highly appreciated for Peking University people hospital's supports and favors to Mentougou district hospital for long term. Since 2000, people hospital is known as the counterparts of district hospital, even if transformed to be a favor unit, it still constantly provides great favors to district hospital, also appreciated to district committee and district government for greatly promoting medical sanitary system information construction in 2014, as well provided hardware , internet facility and material favors for constructing service community terminal.  While the district hospital joins in service community to further improve basic medical service system, bringing great conveniences to the public for seeing doctors. 

The deputy director of Beijing Sanitary planning committee Mao Yu said, medical sanitary service community actively provides service for healthcare reform exploration, share resources among medical institutes at all level , and reasonably allocate dominant resource function to ,solve the problem of expensive medical treatment It is worthy to be as ambitious exploration and practice by means of modern information skills in critical phase of medical sanitary system reforms. 

The dean of Peking university people hospital Wang Bin on behalf of the hospital to express appreciation to Mentougou district government for their supports and promotion for service community. The Dean Wang pointed out that Peking University people hospital medical sanitary service community covers wide fields, realizes medical resources integration, systemically resolve the problem of hard seeing doctor , drives the unit members " not blood transfusion, but creating blood". He emphasizes that people hospital would make full efforts to provide favors to Mentougou district hospital to implement science construction, talents cultivation and health management, and also provide excellent medical service to the local people in Mentougou district.

The chief of Mentougou district committee Han Zirong emphasizes , while chairman Xi visited Zhenjiang for exploration and said , some large hospital always stay in the state of "wartime", it shall be improved. Combining with current situation of Mentougou district, we are working to gather all resources , proceed strategical plans, insists on reforming development, actively solve medical problems in Mentougou district. By means of constructing medical sanitary service community, not only provides strong backup supports , also able to solve various difficulties, so as to build ordered seeing doctor pattern that " Seeing doctor in district, keep available channel while outside the district". 

Later on, deputy chief of Mengoutou district, Generation ward chief Zhang Guilin and Dean of Peking university people hospital Wang Shan jointly hosted unveiling ceremony of " Peking university people hospital-Mentougou district medical sanitary service community ".

"Peking University people hospital --Mentougou district medical sanitary service community", a comprehensive medical sanitary service system built with complementary functions through integrating all level medical sanitary institutes, which takes Peking University People Hospital as core, and Mentougou district hospital as centre hospital. In a sense, it aims to realize real time joint between regional medical and Beijing people hospital in medical technology. Mentougou district hospital provides convenient service in difficult and complicated case, medical teaching, remote consultation, appointment and dual referral through remote medical service platform. Leveraging of service community platform to build comprehensive supporting mechanism including talent cultivation, remote medical service, and health management, which has made optimistic influences on improving basic medical service system, enhancing basic medical personnel medical technology, service level and medical healthcare level. Meanwhile the supporting mechanism is able to meet the public's health demands, solve public's medical treatment problem in Mentougou district, further promoting Mentougou hospital to transform to be "The most excellent regional medical center" integrating with medical, teaching, researching, and prevention. 

While joining in people hospital medical service sanitary "service community", the combination of the two medical reforms power would complete public hospital's reforms in Mentougou district to further improve Mentougou's basic medical sanitary service system, at the same time making efforts to provide safe, easier, convenient, and favorable medical sanitary service, in order to make great contributions on enhancing Beijing overall medical sanitary service level.

All of leaders and principals attended the opening ceremony, including general manager of Phoenix medical group Cheng Libing, deputy party secretary of Jingmei Group , general manager Kan Xing, party secretary of Peking university people hospital Chen Hong, director of party office Shao Xiaofeng, deputy director of district sanitary committee Yang, dean of Mentougou district hospital Zhou Hang, dean of Jingmei Group general hospital Shan Baojie, executive dean of Mentougou district hospital  Yu Hongxia, membership unit of district hospital Chinese medicine hospital, leaders of district maternal and child care service center, sanitary service center of Zhaitang, Mencheng, Junzhuang and Miaofeng district.