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Mentougou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and large Grade III hospital of Chinese medicine carry out science construction coordination

Release time:2013-11-15 Source: Font: big medium small

With aims to recover undertaking of Chinese medicine, promote exchanges and cooperation of management, academy and technology, strengthen Chinese medicine sanitary service system construction, enhance talent team's quality, drive fast development of basic medical sanitary institute's Chinese medicine level , Mentougou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital successively build cooperation relationship with divers Chinese medicine hospital. On June 9th, 2013, build cooperation with Beijing hospital of Chinese medicine. On August 21st, build cooperation with Third affiliated hospital of Beijing Chinese Medicine hospital . On September 12th, build cooperation with East hospital of Beijing Medicine university of Chinese medicine. The critical measure makes an important influences on promoting talent cultivation of Mentougou district Chinese medicine hospital, science construction, enhancing medical level and comprehensively improving overall services.