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Four membership hospitals of Phoenix Healthcare Group won Medical insurance management prize

Release time:2013-09-26 Source: Font: big medium small

On the leadership meeting of Beijing basic medical insurance held in September, 2013, Beijing city Jian Gong Hospital honorably won the first place of 2012 medical insurance management prize, the great honor is not only known as recognition on Jian Gong Hospital's medical insurance work, also the strong power for keeping moving. 

Beijing Jian Gong Hospital medical insurance management constantly insists on the concept that " Patient oriented, Quality based ", proceeds  institutionalizing medical insurance work, streamlining the regulation, and tabulating the procedure. Carries out data evaluation, works out all targets through scientific analysis , besides, proceeds real time feedback, constantly improves, and also combines the evaluation with performance assessment, taken as comprehensive evaluation examination in the end of the year. Taking reducing refusal rate of medical insurance as sample: the medical insurance office staff regularly downloads the refusal data sent by district medical insurance center, carefully look up and analyze the causes through outpatient clinical electronic system, and then informs relevant doctor, button up to punish 200% for the refusal amount, as well as input the refusal amount and causes into the system . If the refusal phenomenon trends to be fairly common, after analyzing the cases, the medical insurance office would issue relevant documents to inform all clinical physicians to avoid such problem happening anymore. Furthermore, medical insurance office would irregularly proceed selective examination and supervision, once finds out the problems, would communicate with relevant physicians to reduce the refusal rate as lowest as possible. 

Meanwhile, all departments including medical insurance, medical policy, information, prices, cases and clinical department, strictly implement issuing official policy document on all level medical insurance and price, truly realizes reasonable examination, reasonable treatment, and reasonable charges. 

At same time, Jian Gong Hospital also works out series of methods and measures , and greatly guarantee the medical insurance funds'safety.

 Beijing Jian Gong Hospital joined in Phoenix Healthcare Group since 2000, and become the initial large comprehensive joint-stock hospital in Beijing city, besides, it was selected as the exclusive medical institute of social capital among Beijing Medical Insurance A grade certified hospital. Currently, it has grown to be the largest profit-making hospital in Beijing, especially, the annual outpatient emergency volume has reached 600 thousand people, has won excellent praise in community, and attracted wide focus in society. 

Furthermore, there are also several hospital affiliated to Phoenix Healthcare group obtaining the prizes, such as Mentougou Traditional Chinese Medicine  Hospital wins the first prize, Yanhua hospital wins the second prize, Mentougou hospital wins single award. Phoenix healthcare group constantly pursues government's recognition, patient's praise, hospital's recognition and staff's satisfactions.