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Beijing Jian Gong Hospital and Beijing Yanhua hospital successfully obtain American JCI reviewing certification

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Beijing Jian Gong Hospital and Beijing Yanhua hospital successively obtained American JCI hospital management system reviewing certification on August 23th and August 30th, in 2013, it signifies that both the two hospital quality management system have been gradually improved, the medical service quality and safety also steadily enhanced, and also efficiently enhances  the group's brand image. 

In July 2010,Beijing Yanhua hospital and Beijing Jian Gong Hospital have obtained JCI certification, and become the seventh and eighth JCI hospital in domestic, meanwhile, Phoenix Healthcare Group also has been the first JCI certificated medical group in domestic. 

In the view of Chines traditional hospital management mode, it is fairly difficult to obtain JCI certification. Since according to JCI standard and evaluation requirements, almost are with regard to medical treatment and nursing. Due to medical activity requires to accomplish through the whole personnel's efforts, that is , to reach worldwide recognized hospital management level, it requires to realize through whole personnel's strength, jointly build hospital quality management system, so as to be make contributions to hospital’s medical treatment safety.