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Mentougou hospital organizes 2013 Mentougou district Phoenix Neurology Academy

Release time:2013-06-10 Source: Font: big medium small

On June 5th, Mentougou district hospital Neurology department carries out "2013 Mentougou district Phoenix Neurology Academy"in meeting hall on the ninth floor in Mentougou district hospital. The conference is themed with acute ischemic blood vessel of brain Super intravenous thrombolytic therapy in acute phase, arterial thrombolysis, Antiplatelet Therapy. Besides, the it also invites director of Beijing Anzhen hospital Neurology Bi Qi, professor of Shijitan hospital Neurology department Fu Rui, director of Bayi Brain Hospital of  Beijing Military District General Hospital Luo Yongchun, Director of General Hospital of Beijing Coal center for Interventional therapy of encephalopathy Qin Ding, all of them give a speech on current latest treatment experiences in stroke and research development in domestic and abroad, and has won high praise among attending members.