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Beijing Yanhua Hospital Won Capital laboring prize

Release time:2013-05-02 Source: Font: big medium small

In May, Beijing Yanhua hospital was awarded as "Capital laboring prize" by Beijing federation of trade unions, it is high praise for Yanhua hospital's hard working. 

During recent years, guided by high level leaders, Beijing Yanhua hospital constantly insists on service concept that " Patient oriented, quality based", devotes to providing safe, excellent and overall medical services to patients. By means of recruiting talents, enhancing personnel's service values, improving seeing doctor environment, the hospital makes efforts to enable patients to obtain expert and famous physician's treatment service , as well enjoy warm treating environment in hometown.  The great awards come from the whole personnel’s full efforts, mutual cooperation and devotion, it also means shall do more efforts to future work.

Based on "Patient oriented", Beijing Yanhua hospital seizes the opportunity of Grade III hospital, insists on the commitment that " innovative development, pursuing excellence, insists on charity and reward community", constantly improve service level, greatly spread noble medical moral, build harmony relationship between patients and physicians, provide safe and convenient medical service and comfortable to Yangfang's people.